Client Testimonials

What others are saying about Worth It with Katy:

“I cannot say enough great things about Worth It with Katy! It’s so tempting to “Go on a Diet” but after years and years of that failing again and again I finally tried something new — Katy saved my sanity and my health!” — Sheila

Katy is a fantastic coach! I highly recommend working with her to overcome the stress and anxiety of dieting. She really helped me change my mindset — even though I had convinced myself that I was focusing on a ‘wellness lifestyle,’ I was still tracking calories, negotiating with myself over what I should or shouldn’t eat and getting angry at myself for cheating or going off plan. That’s just exhausting and lead to constant feelings of failure. Working with Katy helped me reshape my thinking around food and exercise. Breaking the cycle with dieting doesn’t mean giving up on yourself — once I shifted my mindset and took the pressure off, I actually started to lose some weight, enjoy my food more and enjoy working out.— Maureen

“I loved your workshop! Your ideas really resonated with me. You offered the perspective of someone who has “been there” but has achieved what many of us have been trained to believe is unobtainable. The talk was really eye-opening and thought-provoking.” — Sara

“What Katy offers is not a weight loss program, it’s a judgment loss program. She teaches you how to stop judging yourself so that you can live a life you love, free of weight drama.” — Julie

“Worth it With Katy will teach you how to enjoy eating again, and allow you a safe space to learn that if you want to live a healthy life, and end the cycle of dieting failures, you have to start with learning to love yourself and love your food. We all need food! Restriction and dieting is really deprivation, and Worth it With Katy will help you see how depriving yourself is exactly what is causing all of your suffering. Stop suffering! Start enjoying your life, because you’re worth it!” — Sheila

“Katy offers light and humor at the end of a long, dark tunnel we call “DIET,” which should become a four-letter word … ” — Charlotte

“Katy is real, honest, no-nonsense and also approachable and funny. You’ll like yourself more after working with her.” — Lauree

“I don’t think I’ve ever had such an open, down-to-earth conversation with anybody about overeating before. It was just so much better than sitting in a meeting, listening to someone imposing a kind of ‘themed lecture of the day’ on what I should be doing. Such a great experience.” — Beryl

“Katy’s personal and professional experience in the world of nutrition and healthy living makes her a unique resource in helping to sort out what makes sense when it comes to information on food and dieting. Katy’s honesty about her path with food and weight made it clear that she is living what she is teaching, and that anything I am struggling with she has been there too.” — Stephanie

“Katy is a fantastic coach. She is smart, gives great advice, is compassionate and understanding. She helps me set small manageable goals to work towards my larger goal. I feel like she can relate to my concerns and challenges and she celebrates my successes.” — Daisy